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Server overview


The most visited exile server in germany.                                                                      And under the TOP 10 Exile Server worldwide!


The cost of maintaining the server is around 130€.
No one is forced here to support us yet we are very grateful for any support you give us.

Player Reviews 

The player reviews are arranged by date!                                                                        that means the top reviews are the oldest ones and the bottom ones are the new ones. Thanks to everyone who wrote a review

Ok these guys have done amazing job. After playing in lots of exile servers this is the first one that makes me feel that the game has moved one step forward.

I absolutely recommend all active players to try it.

GJ people thanx!

Been playing on this server for several weeks now (Maybe even a month) and it’s by far one of the best I have joined. Staff are awesome, server is lag free, Plenty of stuff to do, Owner is active in game & on Discord to help with problems. Overall if you’re looking for an amazing DayZ experience with a bunch more stuff added too, I strongly advise you join this server and give it a try! I’m sure you wont be disappointed. 

Extended review of the AeoniumGaming server (PvP).

Overall score: 9/10

If you don’t want to read it all TDLR is at the bottom.

Gameplay & Progression

You start with a pistol but not with the default orange exile suit. I don’t really get why you would get a pistol already from the start – usually you get them when you have more respect. The spawn locations are default ones, however it would be nice to have one or two located in the middle of the map. Getting from the spawnpoints to the top left when you died is kind of annoying (yes, love the quad bikes). The loot at the spawn locations is usually well balanced, you’ll be able to find shotguns and the basic assault rifles. And they won’t spawn in mass like usual, you might have to search a while. You can also spawn a bike or a quad bike from your XM8 when you spawn (Though quad bikes are awesome, like nothing can beat their awesomeness).

For better loot you have to decide where to go. You can go to an airfield, they have higher tier equipment & weapons. However this comes at a price ;) (I won’t spoil anything here) Or you can go to a crash-site, which usually have AI guarding them. But those reward well, usually providing you with rare loot. At last there are missions you can do aswell. These give as expected the best rewards (higher difficulty = more & better rewards).

Yes, before someone says I forgot some, there are more ways to progress further. But these are the basics.

I recommend if you don’t like campers to join when there are < 20 people online (which is reasonable of course). Additionally try to avoid missions because they are the most wanted.

Zombies are actually something you can be afraid of now – unlike many other servers. The zombies will not like it when you try to get good loot. I had my own experience with them, and I didn’t like it. You have been warned.

While I’m playing on my own, there are many others who play in group and of course it will speed up progression by a lot. But it’s possible to play alone as I’m doing it :)  If you’re playing alone try always to have suppressor(s) with you as they will help you a lot. Not only against AI, but also against other players. I’m not a PvP player so I try to avoid it at all costs.

Note though, if you’re looking for real militarized content – like tanks, you won’t find that here (yet?). I’ve already tried to suggest this but they don’t really like it. Maybe later.


I’m amazed by how many different vehicles there are. Really nice, you can choose so many vehicles – though you need more respect to buy better ones of course. But there are still some things to address here. There are so many vehicles that it might get a bit confusing which one to buy – also the stats on some of them are weird. How can a small car carry more stuff than a truck? This is just one example – some vehicles have identical stats but are visually different.

Yes, I know the admins are a bit hesitant about this, but please add some tanks ;) You’re allowing already this much, so why not add tanks aswell? Just choose some which aren’t too powerful (like thermals – don’t want tanks to have this). I just like when there’s much content and also diversity among it.

About equipment & weapons, there’s also a lot to choose from. However some consider big MGs as the best thing, which might be true – there are some which can fire at ridiculous distances, can have silencers and have about 150 bullets per magazine. Kind of insane. Maybe make these more rare. But looking at the other content each weapon has its own uses, and rarity which I explained above. NiArms (mod) extends this even more.

(Specific) Equipment is well balanced, the same as weapons are – higher tiers have a higher rarity. But even with the best equipment available you aren’t invulnerable, which is of course intended. I’m not sure how much it decreases the damage but it does help.

Most of this can be bought at the trader(s), but I don’t really recommend it as it’s expensive to buy certain high-tier weapons. Oh and of course you need respect for them aswell. Some of the content can’t be bought there, so you still have a reason to search for the best loot (for example ghillie suits).


This covers my experience of the server and that of some others.

I usually play when there are not that many players online. I never experience lag during these times. Can’t complain about performance, and while there were issues in the past the (awesome) admin team will resolve these fast. Though when the player count rises at peak hours you might start to notice the lag – but the admins are already trying to reduce the fps drops – which is working. However it’s still arma and that’s something you can’t solve ;) The server recently peaked at 60 players – that was a bit much, and indeed the server did feel this.

The Headquarters is a bit laggy though – but since you have to use it sometimes you have to deal with lower fps there. The staff already tried to reduce the fps drop as much as they could – but the building itself can’t be fixed by them. It just has too many objects.

The server has almost never crashed as far as I’m aware. It seems really stable, and this is a requirement for any arma server. You don’t want the server to shut down randomly when you’re flying in the air. I also don’t see many bugs (other than arma itself), if there are any the admin team will usually solve them as fast as they can.


The server has a nice feature which lets you paint your vehicles and base parts. Customization is always good, and now you can really see the creativity of the players using the paint feature. Of course it’s just visual so it won’t give you an advantage over other players – that’s why it also recently got restricted because of various reasons. Though one thing I’d mention about this – some paints should have a higher resolution because they look blurry.

Staff & Support

The server currently has a small staff team. It’s growing slowly, it seems like the admins care a lot who they hire – which is good of course. You don’t want some random person who will abuse or mess things up.

But this staff team is amazing. They will help you as soon as they can and are very actively available. They are usually working on the server or solving bugs. They also will take suggestions seriously and give their view on them. Staff teams like this are rare, but I’m relieved they are still present. Thanks for all the effort & support admins!

Some things to add:

Issues usually require proof, and players tend to forget this. Well I’m telling you now so better have something ready!

If the staff is playing, then they play fair and don’t use any cheats. I’ve noticed this multiple times and they indeed die sometimes, and they also get the lovely arma physics ;) 


You’re still here? Thanks! Well now that you’ve read it all you probably have an idea of the server :)



A lot to obtain & achieve through balanced means, not everything will go as you think it will. You might be surprised by some things. I would say there’s always something you could do and might not have done yet. There’s many content to discover. However the server is balanced around PvP – players can also choose to play for fun and less care about the PvP. Like me. Vehicles & base can be painted. The only thing that you won’t find (yet?) is some militarized content like tanks.

The server runs well, usually there’s no lag. There are bugs (would like to see a bug-free server ;) ) but they are addressed by the staff team – and solved if they can.

Can’t say how amazing the staff team is. They will help you out fast, will resolve bugs and take suggestions seriously.

This is why this server gets a score of 9/10. It’s an unique experience and I’ll not easily forget this server.

If you have any more questions you can always send me a PM here.

First and foremost they have staff that care and are passionate about making the server a community as well. It needs performance work in terms of frames and dsync but that is being worked on. I’ve played on a lot of Exile servers and I can only recall a few I genuinely liked and played on for more then a day. It has a lot of originality to it, and it does feel more like DayZ Mod more so then any Exile server I’ve ever played. Loot and traders are more balanced then 9/10 Exile servers as well. It’s not militarized but you can get Ghosthawks, Blackhawks, as well as a Pawnee without rockets on it(it’s very expensive but worth if it that’s your thing.)  Gun prices match their utility as well as the vehicles.

If there is one thing that concerns me about the server it’s that medium to large sized groups are not taken kindly too. In terms of compensation and assistance we are treated equal to everyone else, but we have been asked to calm down on being aggressive towards other players. I always felt that the way you learn this game is by getting killed in every way possible. You learn through trial and error. I started as a noob and my self and one other friend got dumped on everyday by the same crew of 9 people in DayZ Epoch, so we made our own Clan and started dominating them. I felt like any one is capable of doing this so there should be no reason to complain, because you can easily have those same numbers.

very good server lovely ppl and very active admin, server got some cool costume cars mad max style

Big Review


First of all iam Myself a Player of the Server under the Name Reaper ( Name was in Use so Gaudi :D you know who is Writing here ) 


Server ( 6/10 ) 


The Server seems a bit lacking in Performance. Mostly the Coast is very Resource Expensive, hangs a bit on Redux for all the Vehicles but if the Admin would clean a bit in the Files he would definitly get some very very good FPS out of it. I would recommend the Owner if he can Rack up a bit to do it. It never gave a Payment System for the Server to this Date ( 29.03.2018 ), so its pretty good for Normal Players because no one can buy Anything like Weapons or a Base like on some Other Servers. 



Missions ( 7/10 ) 


First of all the Missions seem not Self Coded or Lacking in Coding. With the Missions Starting on 29.03.2018 Missions came in which are with Weapons and Vehicles which should not be on the Server Tanks , launchers etc. so the Server owner seems not Code itself the Missions. I know its Hard work but Problems like that wouldnt happen then. The Rest of the Missions are pretty good, sometimes an AI Sticks into the Buildings but thats Arma you cant Control Everything.


Community and Playerbase ( 10/10 ) 


The Players of the Server and its Discord Community are very very Representive and all very Friendly so you can have fun with them. Over the Discord you can Join a Group or Search for one. Its definitly a good Option. 



Admins ( 10/10 ) 


The Admins are Friendly and you get a Fast Response to Everything. Problems get right of the Way deleted when you get some with Bases or Players. The Rules are Strict thats definitly a very good Thing. 


Pros for the Server

Friendly and Beginner-Friendly Server

Nice Community

All 3 Hours an Restart

Clean HQ and Traders

Very Friendly Admins

Fast and good Connectivity

The North of the Map has very good FPS

I totally disagree with Mr.Stuart. Great server, great admins!

I would have to say this is one of the BEST servers live right now. I enjoy that it isn’t crazy overpopulated and allows for some breathing room. The constant threat of zombies is a nice touch to keep you on your toes. I have met many great players and have had some good times. The admins and support team are very prompt and provide great service. I would like to specifically target the last comment by “Mr. Stuart” saying the we  “…flocked to their discord server to request compensation for the items we have lost, and NONE of us were compensated.” This is simply false. We lost only our helicopter and it was compensated for within 15 minutes of the time it was reported(as pictured below, reference the timer in the top left-hand corner). To add to the invalidity of his statement he was abusive and belligerent in chat and got irate when an admin didn’t help him as soon as he asked. The original complaint never said anything about base progress so there is a blatant over exaggeration. To this, I say don’t believe his review. Check it out for yourself. 

Average Rating