Chernarus2035 – ServerRules

Server Rules

It could be that this Rules are not up to date! The updated rules can you find on our Discord –


  • No shooting in Safezone.
  • No Vehicle parking in Safezones when the server restarts.
  • No stealing in Safezone.
  • Its Forbidden to lift/park vehicles inside the HQ (use the parking spot or park around the HQ) – Vehicle inside will be deleted!
  • Its not allowed to use a safezone as a shield for combat.
  • No Trader-/Safezone Camping.


  • Each team is allowed to have a maximum of two bases. -> if we notice that a team owns more than two bases we delete without a warning.
  • No building in millitary zones/Factories
  • No building in cities/towns/villages!
  • No Basbuilding near a TraderZone(800m) and the Airfields(500m)
  • No building on any roads!
  • You can use single buildings such as houses/barns/sheds!
  • No floating bases, the structural integrity must be realistic
  • The base needs an entrance and every room where loot or the flag is located must have a door/gate/window/hatch
  • No stacking of elements, there must be space to walk between two elements.


  • Players/admins are NOT permitted to show racism, profanity and disrespect towards any other player/admin in this server.
  • Only German/English in Side chat.
  • No Hacking/Advertising/Duping.
  • No Wall glitching. This includes but no limited to, looking through walls or floors, or run at walls/floors to gain access to a base or peaking through an object to gain any advantage.
  • No Exploiting. This included but not limited to, laying inside of objects or abusing broken Arma mechanics.
  • Persistent combat logging is a punishable offence.
  • Air to Air, Air to Ground and Air to Base Kamikaze is strictly forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to despawn loot from storage when you raid a base.
  • It is forbidden to logout inside an enemy base.
  • It is forbidden to block raider with buildings while they’re still raiding.